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What you will get with the white label NFT Marketplace

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Trade NFTs with Ease

Level up your NFT game by trading through top crypto gateways like TRX, ETH, BTC, BTS, NEO, and more!

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Add Custom Crypto and Fiat Gateways

Increase your profits with ease by utilizing our crypto and fiat gateways - customize and add them independently!

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NFT meets E-commerce

Experience a groundbreaking fusion of digital and physical worlds with our white label NFT marketplace.

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Build Your Brand Identity

Style your NFT marketplace to match your brand identity - choose from our pre-made templates or create your own.

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Always in the Know

Our team will help you keep your finger on the pulse of the market by staying up-to-date!

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Expert Technical Assistance

Elevate your NFT-based business with 24/7 technical support from Renesis - we're always here to help.

Unite NFTs & Ecommerce! Your Gateway to Digital Collectibles.

custome market place

Unlock the best of both realms with our comprehensive white label marketplace suite, offering not only an NFT marketplace for digital collectibles but also an eCommerce platform seamlessly connected to physical products through NFTs.

What Sets us Apart?

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Our Marketplace White Label Features

Login with OAUTH2x

Industry-standard protocol for authorization.

2FA Authentication

2-Step verification adds a quick second step to verify.

Profile Management

Profile Management optimizes profiles in an easy and reliable way.

Connect wallet

Protocol for connecting decentralised applications to wallets.

Fixed Price

Set a predetermined price for your NFTs.

Create Offers

Enable users to make custom offers for your NFTs.

Place a Bid

Engage in exciting auctions by placing bids on desired NFTs.

Claim NFT

Easily claim ownership of your purchased NFTs.


Earn ongoing royalties when your NFTs are sold or traded.

Unlockable content

Access exclusive digital content associated with your NFTs.

Editions (ERC-1155)

Create multiple editions of your NFTs with unique characteristics.

Lazy Minting

Mint NFTs on-demand, reducing upfront costs and environmental impact.

Social Feed

Social feed allows you to interact and keep yourself updated.

Post NFTs

Post your NFTs on social feed and attract more users.

Create Polls

Polling is just simply the easiest way to get the opinions of other users.


Use Hashtags to track the trending content on NFT world.

Instant Messaging

Exchange near-real-time messages through with 100+ users.

Repost Posts

Repost some trendy posts to get more conversations on your profile.

Top Users

Get your interaction on top level and get listed in Top Users.

Reach 1000+ users

Get your NFTs posted on social feed and get the attention of 1000+ users.


Harness the power of the world's most popular blockchain for your NFT marketplace.


Leverage the scalability and low-cost transactions of the Polygon network.

Bitcoin Ordinals

Integrate Bitcoin Ordinals to provide robust rankings and insights for NFTs on your platform.


Experience fast and secure transactions with the Avalanche blockchain integration.


Solana is a highly scalable layer 1 Blockchain built for mass adoption.


Explore the future-proof features and sustainability of the Cardano blockchain.

Binance Smart Chain

Seamlessly connect to the Binance Smart Chain for efficient NFT trading.


Utilize the speed and efficiency of the XRP blockchain for your marketplace.

User Management

Effortlessly manage user accounts and permissions.

NFT Management

Easily upload, organize, and manage NFT listings.

Revenue Management

Track and analyze revenue streams and transactions.

Platform Statistics

Gain valuable insights with comprehensive platform analytics.

Staff Roles

Assign specific roles and permissions to your team members.

Website Editor

Customize and update your marketplace's website with ease.


MetaMask is an Ethereum wallet and browser extension.

Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is a mobile cryptocurrency wallet.


Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange and wallet service.

Wallet Connect

WalletConnect connects dApps and mobile wallets.


A mobile payment app and wallet for XRP & other cryptocurrencies.


Phantom is a Solana blockchain wallet.


Access our White Label NFT Marketplace on Android devices.


Explore our White Label NFT Marketplace seamlessly on iOS devices.

Expanding Your Trading Horizons with Multichain

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Check our case studies


1. Gamerse

GΛMΞRSΞ is the new home for NFT gaming in a cross-chain, cross-platform social media hub, unifying the fragmented NFT gaming community.

View Case Study

What people are saying

Virgilio Degiovanni

Fantastic! A great team with a lot of experience. They immediately knew how to advise the best ways on how to proceed. Very knowledgeable and experienced

Anthony Wright
Founder, PIF Essentials

Renesis Tech finds the right team for your project. Developers maintain excitement and dedication to getting you towards your companies goals. Living in the US there is a rather large gap in time zones but somehow there always seems to be a team member available for help, questions or service when needed. Renesis Tech is a team passionate about their craft and will over dedicate their time for your projects success.

Kurdo A.
CEO Atlanten

Renesis tech is a highly professional and skilled group of people that always does its best to deliver to your needs. They have a corporation mindset and have a work ethic and structure that is top class. I would highly recommend them to all types of businesses and especially those who seek a complete supplier of tech-needs.

Christian Echavarria
CEO OMNI Presenti

Renesis Tech strategically adapts to the client’s processes and generates precise and robust solutions to build their complex platform. With the team’s technical abilities and timeline- and budget-oriented approach, the client is looking forward to meeting their business goals upon the app’s launch.

Todd Katcher
CEO Digital Dealership System

The application developed by Renesis Tech works well, and the client has received very positive feedback from users. The team is very communicative, transparent, and accommodating to change requests, demonstrating impressive responsiveness and customer service.

Jake Heid
Founder, Memelord

Our project was very complex and Renesis built it perfectly. We had a major shift in what we wanted our project to be about halfway through development and the team was totally on board and did an amazing job. The team was extremely responsive by always responding to emails quickly and giving frequent updates. We plan to work with Renesis in the future to maintain our project and add additional features. It is a wonderful feeling seeing your vision be built to perfection.

Khalid Jama
CEO Gamerse

Renesis did the magic!!! From designing the product to going live, they understood my requirements very well and executed them as per expectations. Their communication is second to none. I will be working with Renesis for the rest of my life :)

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