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Let’s face it - rewarding work experiences don’t pay the bills. That’s why Renesis bolsters our great work environment with amazing perks.


Performance Bonuses

Access performance-based promotions, pay raises, and growth opportunities.


Health Insurance

Renesis team members enjoy comprehensive health coverage benefits.


Parental Leave

Family is important to us and we know that it is important to you and your loved ones too.


Training & Guidance

Level up your skills with exclusive training programs and mentorship opportunities.


Fuel Allowance

Your daily travel expense turns into a breeze once you get to join Renesis.


Leave Encashment

Are you used to scoring perfect attendance? Let us compensate you.


Provident Fund

At Renesis you have access to policies that help you in saving money for the long run.


Annual Trip

Every year we plan annual get-aways. Will you be with us next time around?

Current Job Openings

Head of Engineering

Full Time

Renesis Tech is a dynamic and innovative tech company specializing in software development for clients in AI, blockchain, and various web projects. Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology has positioned us as a leader in the industry. We are seeking a talented and forward-thinking individual to join our team as the Head of Engineering.

Sr. MERN Stack Developer

Full Time

Renesis Tech is looking for a curious Software Engineer to join our team! The position will include building great products, tackling interesting challenges, and contributing to our engineering culture. We expect you to work in pairs, use test-driven development, be experienced in building complex web applications, and write clean and maintainable code.

Sr. UI/UX Designer

Full Time

Renesis Tech is looking for an enthusiastic and talented UI/UX Designer to design software and platforms that meet users' needs. You will combine interfaces and workflows to enhance the user experience. In this role, you should be an analytical and creative designer who can grasp user needs and solve problems. A strong portfolio of successful UX/UI is essential. Ultimately, you will make our projects more user-friendly and intuitive to make the best design as per the client's expectations.

Our Recruitment Process

Renesis goes above and beyond to source the best tech and HR talent on the planet for our corporate offices and deployable tech teams.

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Interested in joining the team? Apply online anytime to have your resume checked by our expert talent evaluators.

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During the interview stage, we’ll assess your soft skills, culture fit, and your technical competencies to see if we match.

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If you’ve made it this far you’ve impressed our brain trust with your awesome skill – sign on the dotted line and let’s get to work!

Corporate Ethos

We’re a team of creative thinkers working towards a shared vision of continued growth.


There’s No Limit to our Innovative Spirit

We’ve grown a lot over the past few years…and we’re not even close to finished. Want to join us as we take the next steps in our journey toward the future?


Progress, without Borders or Boundaries

Cloud technology can do more than simply securely store and manage your data. It can also be used to create borderless tech teams with unlimited potential.


Great Products Start with Great People

Tech innovation might start with a single visionary idea for a product but it takes a world-class team of UI/UX designers and expert developers, to bring it to life.


Technology has Power to Change the World

At Renesis we don’t simply love technology – we believe that our work in AI and blockchain has the power to change the world we live in for the better.

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