Atlanten is Sweden's first and largest NFT marketplace. Atlanten designs and develops brand experiences on the blockchain with Circle integrated so that anyone can buy, collect, sell and benefit from NFTs. Users get exclusive benefits and licenses with Sweden's largest brands in sports, gaming, entertainment, and culture.

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Kurdo Amin

Visionary and Founder

Renesis tech is a highly professional and skilled group of people that always does its best to deliver to your needs. They have a corporation mindset and have a work ethic and structure that is top class. I would highly recommend them to all types of businesses and especially those who seek a complete supplier of tech-needs.
The Renesis Advantage

The Renesis Advantage

5K+ NFTs

10k+ Users

1K+ NFTs Sold

Project Management Methodologies

Standards and methodologies that our Renesis teams followed

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Core Functionality

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The tech stack used by our engineers includes React.Js, Next.Js, Nginx, Polygon Blockchain Network, Node.Js, Solana, and Infura among others. From the idea to the end product, Renesis accompanied the client at every stage of blockchain development, making the entire process smooth. The highly interoperable and resilient Javascript technologies operate together and handle client and server-side developments quickly. Similarly, running Docker on AWS helped us build, ship, and run the application on a big scale and bring efficiency to the applications development and deployment.


We took care of this project from scratch, starting with an intuitive UI/UX on Figma and using React.js to finalize the front-end, selecting the most optimized blockchain for reduced gas fees, writing the smart contract, developing the backend for the marketplace using Node.js, and finally deploying it on Amazon Web Server(AWS) to successfully launch it.

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