Vaffa Cosmo is a Game NFT Marketplace that has the potential to bring about an enormous rise in the gaming community, it's for those who want to get started with blockchain. Renesis Tech was awarded this project by a globally renowned contractor. Gamers have an eternal desire to collect game assets, and this marketplace is all they need to jump in and enjoy amazing gaming collectibles! This marketplace solution allows players to convert game collectibles into NFTs and sell them as exclusive content. Game fans can always strike the best deal!

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Virgilio Degiovanni


"Fantastic! A great team with a lot of experience. They immediately knew how to advise the best ways on how to proceed. Very knowledgeable and experienced''
The Renesis Advantage

The Renesis Advantage

10K+ NFTs

15K+ Users

6.1K NFTs Sold

Project Management Methodologies

Standards and methodologies that our Renesis teams followed

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Core Functionality

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The tech stack used by our engineers includes React.Js, Next.Js, Nginx, Polygon Blockchain Network, Node.Js, Solana, and Infura. So, from the idea to the end product, Renesis accompanied the client at every stage of blockchain development, making the entire process smooth. The highly interoperable and resilient Javascript technologies operate together and handle client and server-side development quickly. Similarly, running Docker on AWS helped us build, ship, and run the application at a big scale and bring efficiency to the application's development and deployment.


Our scope of work covered UI/UX Design, Engineering, Frontend & Backend Development, Smart Contracts, Staking Pools, Wallet integration, and everything else that makes an NFT marketplace work while remaining engaging for users.

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